Baby; Baby:Explores (the Reasons Why that Gum is Still on the Sidewalk) is a hand-wave, parody of sound, garage future punk project made of three fweaky bffs from the soon to be ghost town/clam chowder suburbia Warwick, RI. Utilizing obsolete and low-tech gear Lids B-Day (effected Vox & sampler), Sam M-H (e. gtr.) & Gabe C-D (keys & rhythm) create simple structured danceable songs that pay homage to musique concrète, European underground synth punk of the late 70’s through the 80's, anthem music, dada, and the Providence DIY & noise scene.

The project started out as a parody of sound–pseudo concept project between Lids B-Day (they/them)  and Sam M-H  (they/them) in the winter of 2017. It was about turning the energy spent dealing with miso(gyni), ageism, and industry gatekeeping in the local art and music community into some kind of musically laughable, naive, accessible and uncool response.

Sam and Lids grabbed the smallest, most affordable, and simplest equipment they could, lugged it across the icy used auto-lot, into Lid’s unheated musty wood panel adorned basement-bedroom and began making songs. The set up was a painted casio keyboard, a loop pedal, a mini squier guitar, and a microphone going through a delay pedal. The two would create and loop drum beats using the keyboard. The guitar Sam was using probably hadn’t been played in over ten years, they began writing songs in the very out of tune-tuning it had come to be in. (Every current song is still made and played in that tuning.) Lids would then add strange, beautiful and incoherent narrative melodies.

In May of 2017, Baby; Baby: Explores played their first two shows as a was a queer porn screening at Psychic Readings (AS220), and the other at the Dirt Palace. Something like immediately following those performances, Gabe C-D (they/them) entered the project––which is how it had to be. The three had been collaborating musically and breaking each other's hearts as it was for six years already.

Then they began to play as many shows as possible, even though they only had three kind-of actual songs (Love Song, Cheapo, and Leaf Bag). They would get together and make performance specific songs or spontaneous sounds on the morning of an event. The more they played live, the more what initially was an experimental avant-garde noise group formed into a fully functioning improv organized and orchestrated...rock band?

Gabe would make a drum machine sequence or percussive loop and then the three would play at once, Lids using their voice, Sam playing guitar, and Gabe playing button bass, they would just play until some seed rendered. If the three didn’t all agree on an idea, it wouldn’t exist further.

By 2019, they recorded their first collection of songs at Black Lace with Evin Huguenin. At the time the band was still under the impression that everything happened in the music industry by some uncalculated coincidence,,,so they didn’t  properly release what they created, but it is available on streaming sites and Bandcamp.

Now, it’s 2021, in the projects four year old existence, Baby; Baby: Explores, has performed with:

Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Palberta, Buck Gooter, Guerilla Toss, Godcaster,  Lucy, Trim/Victoria Shen, Gold Dime, Container, Davey Harms, USAISAMONSTER, Orion, The Cradle, Sediment Club, N.E. Patriots, Oozing Wound, Period Bomb, Dehd, Macula Dog, Lexi Mountain, Lily Konigsberg, Nina Ryser, Ani Blech, Essi, Banny Grove, Wume, UV Rapture, Asian Woman on the Telephone, True Blossom, Sunk Heaven, Holy People, In Heat, Russian Tslarlag, The Knee Jerk Reaction, Alex Tatarsky, Financial Collapse, Goon Planet, Imelda Marcos, Hammer Party, Mother Tongue, Dan Talbot, Early Shinada, Sapphogeist, Beverly Tender, Our Lady of Bodily Fluids, Reaches, Heavens Floor, Mems, Taskmaster, Scung, Cube, Craow, Rence Boat, Party Members, Earthen Outfit Orb, Mr. Truelove, Josephine, Dead Guy, Immaterial Possession, Animental, Quitters, Caloric, Laszlo and the Hidden Strength, Blue Shift, Drop Ceilings etc. and to be continued...

Between 2019 and 2021, the three sort of gained an understanding of the intentful based action type of magic that makes industry and everything that functions, “function”. Additionally and most importantly, in that time they made two albums worth of material. On October 27-28, they recorded one of these albums entitled: “Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow”, at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI. The material is currently unmastered & unreleased.

The group is currently seeking a label, publicist, and booking agent to further share the music they have created with the world!